Understanding Canada Pension Plan And Old Age Security – When, How Much And Spousal Benefits


January 26, 2022 – Participants Include:

L.J. Eiben – Raymond James – @L_Eiben


John Richardson – @Expatriationlaw


Mr. LJ Eiben first participated as a guest in November of 2021 when we discussed US Social Security for Americans abroad. Today he returns for a discussion about Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.


Mr. LJ Eiben is a Financial Advisor at Raymond James.

The information in this podcast was obtained from sources RJA and believed to be reliable; however, we cannot represent that it is accurate or complete. It is provided as a general source of information and should not be considered personal investment advice or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The views expressed are not necessarily those of Raymond James (USA) Ltd. Raymond James (USA) Ltd. (RJLU) advisors may only conduct business with residents of the states and/or jurisdictions for which they are properly registered.

Raymond James (USA) Ltd. is a member of  FINRA / SIPC



Financial planning has become a necessity for all individuals and families. US citizens living outside the United States face particularly difficult hurdles. Much of this is the result of the requirement of filing taxes in both Canada and the United States. What one tax system gives, the other taxes. As a result, it is essential that US citizens receive specialized financial, investment, tax (and even life) advice. In general the receipt of US Social Security is NOT dependent on being a US citizen. Hence it is available to all individuals who “paid into the system” without regard to citizenship. It is available to Green Card holders returning homeUS citizens living abroad and those who renounced US citizenship.

Raymond James as a “cross border platform” which means that (in general) it can hold US investments in Canada for Canadians.


Canada Pension Plan And Financial Planning:

When it comes to Canada Pension Plan it’s important to NOT leave money on the table. In this podcast Mr. Eiben gives his reasons for why it may make sense to delay receiving Canada Pension Plan to age 70 which will result in significantly higher payments. In addition, those higher payments will result in higher spousal/retirement benefits!





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